chinahutchA china hutch is a gorgeous addition to almost any room in the home. Having your fabulous treasures and heirlooms on display for friends and family to admire brings a touch of class and elegance to your space, a sense of long-held traditions and decorum, in addition to being excellent storage space for those special pieces that are only used on very special occasions. But if you’ve never owned a china hutch before, there are several nuances to the purchase that might not be immediately obvious, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.


The first choice of course will be the overall style you’re looking for. Do you prefer a modern aesthetic with clean lines where the emphasis will be solely on your display pieces? Or are you looking for a more classical rustic furniture feel, where the china hutch itself is almost as beautiful as the treasures it contains? Fortunately, you’ll have a great many options to choose from, especially if you check out online shops, where we bought most of our china hutches.


When shopping for a new hutch, you’ll have to be careful to consider what material you’d like your hutch to be constructed from. Many modern style cabinets are constructed from a wood composite material, which is far cheaper than solid wood but also far less durable. Solid wood construction will add to the unit cost, as well as to the shipping price, but is often worth the expense for the added value it offers. If you’d like to be able to pass on your hutch as well as your treasures to future generations, opt for solid wood construction.


Many china cabinets are available with mirrored backings. This is a design feature intended for the serious collector, as many pieces are detailed on multiple sides, and the mirrored backing allows you to view the entire piece from all angles simultaneously. If your fine china is only detailed on one side, as many of the most beautiful pieces are, a wooden backing is an acceptable option.


Another option for the serious collector. China hutches that offer lighting are becoming more and more common, allowing you to turn your living or dining room into a miniature art gallery. More expensive models allow you to highlight special pieces and adjust the angles of lighting to create the exact effect you’re looking for.


If you have small children in the house, it is often a wise idea to ensure that the display section of your china hutch offers some sort of simple locking mechanism. This needn’t be overly complicated, but just enough to keep small fingers away from valuable treasures.

Additional Storage

The last thing to consider about your new purchase will be how much additional storage space you need in the hutch (if any). Many hutches have drawers and cupboards in addition to display areas, and some also include buffet space in front of the display.

Once you’ve made your decisions about what you’re looking for, it’s time to start shopping! We bought most of our china hutches from online shops. They offer great factory direct pricing and often ship items at a discounted rate – and they always ship fast! Be sure to check them out today and start making your fine china and other treasures shine!

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